Cosmic Candor

I was just studying up on a rare and powerful planetary aspect between Saturn and Pluto that’s coming up this Friday, and I want to share it with those of you who could use a change. A big change.

Saturn is sextile Pluto on Friday, March 8, and when the planet of hard work and discipline meets the planet of transformation, it gives us a brief window of opportunity to achieve almost anything we aspire to!

This is especially true in areas of career, but really you can apply it to anything you want to change about your life. This energy empowers us to get ahead in any area of life, love or career.

I’m not sure how I’m going to use it yet, myself. Golly, there are just so many areas of my life that could use improvement.

Will I let this empower me to become the professional cat herder I always wanted to be? Will I work harder on improving the communication in my relationship, which is always a struggle? Will I finally have the strength to cut out the people and things that are holding me back?

Maybe I will simply wait until Friday and see how I’m feeling before I decide how to apply this energy. But no matter what, I’m getting up early Friday so I don’t miss a second of this potent aspect!

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