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Free Career Compatibility Meter at Tarot.comA lot of my friends have been stressed out at work lately. I don’t just mean people I work with, but friends who work in different settings in different jobs in different cities all around the country. So, using my brilliant powers of deduction, I have come to this conclusion: Work is stressful.


OK, so we already know that. But did you know that Astrology can help make it less stressful? It’s all about how you communicate with your coworkers, which can make or break any day on the job.

Work is especially on my own mind lately because Mercury is still retrograde and this one is affecting Geminis most in the workplace. So while I’m taking extra time to carefully cross my i’s and dot my T’s these days, I decided I should also take extra care to communicate well with everyone in the office.

I just ran a free Career Compatibility report on one particular coworker, a fellow Gemini who sits in close proximity to me. And you know what it said? It said with two Geminis working together we should ask our boss to let us trade duties on a regular basis so we wouldn’t get bored.

That made me laugh, as my boss mixed up our duties just a couple of weeks ago and me and my fellow Gemini cubicle mate have been high-fiving about it.

If you’re wondering how you  might better get along with your co-workers and make your own boss happy, run this report! It’s the best way to make it work — at work.

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