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Timeline Tarot reading at Tarot.comI admit it: I don’t do well when I’m living in the unknown or feeling like my life is out of control. Which is how it always feels during Mercury Retrograde!

And this Mercury Retrograde (from February 23 to March 17) is happening in super-sensitive Pisces, so I expect my anxiety will be even worse this time.

The hardest part is just living in the unknown and dealing with all kinds of unexpected things going wrong at any given moment. But guess what — I’m prepared to do battle!

I’m planning to do a Timeline Tarot reading to prepare for this Mercury Retrograde because Tarot always soothes my jangled Gemini nerves in times of trouble.

Timeline Tarot is one of my favorite Tarot readings because it looks at your entire life path, based on the far past, recent past, present, near future and far future.

It’s simply reassuring to see the potential problems in my near future, and the steps I can take to change the things I don’t like that seem to be heading my way.

It’s not like I’m a control freak or anything, but I’m counting on this advice to help me face my fear of the unknown and stay in control no matter what happens during Mercury Retrograde!

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