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Venus in Pisces at Tarot.comI must say I’m pretty excited about love planet Venus moving into tender Pisces yesterday (February 25, 2013). This transit is supposed to make us feel drunk on love for the next three weeks, and as someone who’s usually just drunk on cheap Chardonnay, I’ll take it.

Venus is “exalted” in Pisces, which means this is the sign that brings out the planet’s very best qualities. And because Venus represents love and beauty, it means that romance will rule during this time!

It will be easier to express unconditional love now, and to have more faith in each other. And dare I say it will be easier to achieve the intimacy so many of us long for and struggle with.

Intimacy is not always easy because it involves making yourself vulnerable, but with Venus in tender and compassionate Pisces, well, most of us will be able to let our guard down a bit more.

The only negative side effects I can see with this transit is of possibly becoming so infatuated with love that you overlook the reality of your romance. In other words, we could fall in love with the wrong person now because we’re so in love with love.

But hey, sometimes that happens when you’re drinking cheap wine, too, right? Venus in Pisces sounds like a much better deal.

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