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Read Your Valentine's Day Horoscope at Tarot.comWell, Astrologer Maria DeSimone says I can expect a breathtaking adventure for Valentine’s Day this year, and I for one plan to hold her to her word.

Valentine’s Day is always such a tricky holiday, isn’t it? I’ve spent this day alone and upset; I’ve spent it in kind of boring-yet-comfortable ways with long-term partners; and I’ve had exciting ones when I was dating around and never knew who might show up with a big buncha flowers or even just a quick, flirty text.

One year when I was single I came home alone to find a red rose in a pretty little vase on my doorstep with no note, and it took me weeks to determine who left it. Turns out it was just from a friend who felt bad for me being alone that day, which was sweet but disappointing. But in any case, it made the lover’s holiday sweeter for the loveless.

Many of you probably don’t give a hoot about Valentine’s Day. I know, I’ve heard you say it all before: It’s just a made-up “Hallmark holiday” invented to sell candy and cards. But you know what? Even if it is silly and that’s how it started, it’s become much more than that.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show people you care; not just lovers, but your friends, your family members and anyone you feel affection for. That’s how I look at it, anyway.

My boyfriend isn’t into it, admittedly. He’s one of the naysayers, but he does know it’s important to me — and to many women — and so I’m pretty sure that’s enough to get him to invest in a big red balloon with a love note attached. He’s no dummy.

Or maybe he will whisk me away somewhere special for a night. Maria points out that this year there’s a happy link between The fiery Aries Moon and the Sun and love planet Venus in  my 9th House of Expansion, which promises lots of affection, kisses and warmth on V-day — not to mention the possibility of a getaway.

Honey, hint hint if you’re reading this, the beach is just an hour away. I’m breathless already. Kisses!

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