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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces HoroscopesI keep talking about Mercury going retrograde in Pisces tomorrow, and how it will cause disruption to our lives … but the truth is it will affect everyone differently.

I’m a Gemini, and Mercury is my ruling planet, so it does tend to affect me more than most other signs (Mercury also rules Virgo). But you really need to read your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope to see which areas of your life will be most disrupted.

For me and all the rest of you charming, chatty Geminis out there,  this Mercury Retrograde will most affect areas of work and career.

It might feel like we’re working hard and putting in extra hours on the job, but still getting nowhere. We can also expect things to go wrong at the office — like missing meetings, misfiring e-mails or messing up important documents.

The good news is that most of these troubles can be avoided if we just pay extra attention to details for the next few weeks.

Double-check your calendar so you don’t miss important meetings, check your e-mail address bar to make sure you’re sending that document to the right person, put gas in the car so you don’t break down on the way to work … you know, all those little things that could go wrong might, but they won’t if you’re prepared!

Good luck, and be sure to see what part of your own life this Mercury Retrograde will affect the most!

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