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Chinese Compatibility Meter at Tarot.comIn honor of Chinese New Year, which officially kicked off with the New Moon on Sunday, February 10, I’m learning more about Chinese Astrology and its zodiac of animal signs.

I’m a Pig, as I’ve mentioned before, in regard to both my Chinese zodiac sign AND the number of spring rolls I can consume in one sitting.

And recently I learned that my boyfriend is a Rat.

Aren’t they all, you ask? Heh heh.

But seriously, in Chinese Astrology the Pig is known for being stubborn and honest, sensual and energetic, persuasive and perceptive. OK! I’ll take it! I’d like to think that description suits me.

And the Rat is known for being hardworking, practical, conservative with money and charming, yet unpredictable because they have a secrets and hidden passions lurking beneath their cool exterior. Well, that sounds pretty much like my own mysterious Rat for sure.

The question that leaps to my mind immediately is, “Should a Pig date a Rat?!” I was dying to know, mostly because we come up as a compatible match in Western Astrology and I wanted to see if it would be the same in Chinese Astrology. So I went to the free Chinese Compatibility Meter at and plugged us in.

It turns out the answer is YES! The Pig and the Rat make a wonderful pair, either as friends or lovers. It is said they love to make each other laugh, will share financial abundance and sensual pleasures. Ooh la la. The only downside was that this couple would have a messy house, but I think I can live with that — especially if it’s because we’re tossing each others’ underpants about. Ooh la la, indeed.

If know your friends’ or lover’s birthdays you can get the scoop, too. Just plug ’em in and find out how your animal signs align. It’s a fun way to celebrate this Year of the Black Water Snake!

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