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Get a free 3-card Love Celtic Cross Tarot reading from Tarot.comAs an Astrology writer, I often hear from women with questions about love and dating and relationships, and sadly I hear from way too many people who are brokenhearted.

Many times these people are eager to know if Astrology can offer any insight or advice for getting back together with someone who broke their heart, and the answer is “yes,” of course. But then I always have to ask, are you sure you really want that??

I bring this up now because Mercury is retrograde until March 17, and whenever Mercury is retrograde it’s easier to win back a lost love. This is because Mercury is the communication planet, and when it’s spinning backward people also tend to think back.

During this time people spend more time reflecting on former loves, and maybe even begin to miss their exes. So if you’re thinking about a love who got away, it’s likely they’re thinking about you right now, too. Which means, if you want someone back now’s a good time to reach out.

That said, I must ask again, are you sure you really want that? Because honestly, most relationships that go bust once are bound to go bust again. There are exceptions to the rule, of course, and maybe you’re one of the lucky ones.

But if you’re clamoring to win back a lost love who cheated on you or didn’t treat you well, you should consider yourself lucky to have another chance to be single and hopefully meet someone who’s a better match.

I know this from personal experience, because I went through a breakup several years ago with someone I thought I would have given ANYTHING to win back. Then guess what — I did win him back, only to soon realize he was a totally creepy loser who should have stayed gone the first time.

When we broke up for the second time, I was finally free to meet the wonderful man I’m with now. And maybe my lying, cheating, narcissistic ex boyfriend is thinking about ME during this Mercury Retrograde, but until this blog I sure haven’t been thinking about him.

So yes, it’s true Astrology can help you win back an ex. But they can also offer plenty of insight and advice for meeting someone new (and better), too!

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