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Mercury Retrograde in Pisces HoroscopesMercury Retrograde is never very much fun, and as a Gemini it always seems to affect me more because Mercury is my ruling planet. But this time Mercury is going retrograde in spiritual Pisces, and I’m totally OK with that!

Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces from this Saturday, Feb. 23 through Sunday, March 17. And the thing is, Mercury Retrograde at its best is a time to stop and think and rest and dream, and so is Pisces! So this sounds like a perfect combination to me.

Yes, there will still be troubles with technology and communications will go awry, but we tend to turn inward and communicate less anyway when Mercury is in Pisces.

So I guess my point is that fewer things will go wrong during this Mercury Retrograde simply because we will be doing fewer things to begin with.

Get it?

You can read more about what to expect during Mercury Retrograde at, and read the horoscopes to prepare for this specific retrograde turn.

Geminis are supposed to feel this retrograde most in the areas of work and career, so I’m going to make sure I don’t have any e-mail misfires on the job and that I’m not the one to break the copy machine!

Good luck everyone, study up and get ready for it!

Learn more about Mercury Retrograde in Pisces at »

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