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March Horoscopes at Tarot.comIt’s just three weeks until spring! I can see the light at the end of my cold, dark winter tunnel. And all we have to do now is get through Mercury Retrograde and the first half of madcap March.

The March Horoscopes indicate it’s going to be a lively month overall, though it gets off to a pretty mellow start with a number of key planets in dreamy Pisces.

And, as I’ve mentioned, Mercury is still retrograde until March 17, which means the first half of March will be more about escapism and chilling out than doing anything momentous.

Things will change mid-month, though, when Mercury goes direct and the Sun charges into Aries, and we’ll finally be fired up to take action again.

There’s even an impetuous and slightly rebellious energy toward the end of the month that we’ll want to keep in check, so overall it’s a bit of madcap March!

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