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Valentine's Day for Singles at Tarot.comI’ve been single on Valentine’s Day — plenty of times. But honestly, I wasn’t always such a good sport about it.

There was a lot of whining and crying and angry sputtering on those heartbroken holidays … and once I even took a sledgehammer to a great big chocolate heart. But if you find yourself in that same Loveless Boat this year, well, suck it up. Take it from someone who’s been there: Being single on Valentine’s Day ain’t that bad!

I know, I know. I do understand how lonely and depressing it can be and I realize you’re probably not interested in hearing it. So I won’t preach. But I will tell you this: Love is in the air right now, so if you get out of the house and socialize and keep a positive outlook, you might just meet someone special on this day.

Venus is making a sextile to the bold Aries Moon on Valentine’s Day, which means that if you make a courageous move in the name of love, you just might have some luck on this very day!

A number of years back on a year when I was single and Valentine-free, I threw a party I dubbed “Love Is for Losers” and invited all my single friends, and I told them to bring all of their single friends. We didn’t let anyone in the door who was involved in a relationship, and the house filled up quickly with all kinds of people who wanted to mingle.

Sure, there were a few creeps in the crowd. But that night I witnessed two close friends meet men they soon began long-term relationships with, and I actually met a fella that night, too. It was short-lived, but it turned my Valentine’s Day frown upside down.

If you’re single and stressing, the thing to remember is that love is worth celebrating — even if your greatest love is YOU! No, strike that, I should say ESPECIALLY if your greatest love is YOU!

Because the truth is, love is for winners, and we all know it. Now get out there and do what you gotta do!

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