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New Moon in Aquarius HoroscopesDo you ever have those days when you’re so enthusiastic that you get carried away by some idea that seems brilliant … only to wake up the next day and go, “OMIGEEEE, what was I thinking?”

Well, get ready for another day just like that, because the New Moon in Aquarius on Sunday, Feb. 10 is going to spark all kinds of offbeat ideas we may think are genius until our optimism wears off.

New Moons are always about new beginnings, and with this one in future-minded Aquarius  at the same time Mercury makes a challenging square with expansive Jupiter, I’m pretty sure the things we’ll want to start may be a bit unusual.

I can just see myself waking up Sunday morning and thinking, “I know! I’ll open up a clothing boutique for kittens! I’ve always thought that would be fun, yet unrealistic. Yet now I’m quite sure it will succeed!”

And no offense to any of you cat clothing boutique owners out there, but I don’t think this is the best idea even if it seems like it on Sunday morning.

My New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope says I should try to get out of town or make connections with faraway places. I can’t really get out of town, but fortunately Sunday is also Chinese New Year, so maybe I can connect with a foreign feast instead. Chinese food here I come!

By the way, Venus and Saturn are making a square on the same day of this New Moon that is also supposed to stir up some relationship issues. But I’m hoping my only relationship issue that day will be who gets the last spring roll. ME!

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