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Your Venus SignSo, as I mentioned yesterday, love planet Venus is moving into Capricorn on Tuesday, Jan. 8, putting a serious spin on relationships.

This is, of course, the general energy of Venus right now — but did you know you all have a personal Venus sign, too?

Wherever the love planet was when you were born will influence the way you behave in love and relationships. So you need to consider that in addition to where Venus currently is.

For example, in my own Astrology birth chart, Venus is in Taurus. This is an affectionate and sensual placement, and it explains much about the way I behave in relationships. I love to cuddle and share fantastic meals, and I tend to get unhappy when those basic Venus-in-Taurus needs aren’t met.

Fortunately, my boyfriend’s Venus is in Cancer, which is a compatible match with Venus in Taurus. Venus in Cancer folks tend to be nurturing and want to please their partners. And I like to be pleased, so … perfectamundo!

If you’re curious where Venus is in your own birth chart, check out this article and study up. With relationships taking a serious turn as Venus moves into Capricorn, now’s the time to make sure your Venus signs are compatible!

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