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Guess what — I have no planets in my 12th House! In Astrology, the 12th House is all about unconditional love, emotions, sensitivity, privacy and imagination. Uh-oh, am I doomed?

No, I’m not. It really just means I don’t have any personal planets that are ruled by the 12th House, so my 12th House energy may be a little less able to pinpoint. But it’s still an equal part of my natal chart, as it is everyone’s.

I do know my 12th House occupies the signs of Cancer and Leo, and I’ve been known to be a little bit too sensitive and occasionally melodramatic, er, so that makes sense. Surely this will surface more during certain periods of my life than others.

But really, the 12th House is a complicated one best left to Master Astrologer Maria DeSimone to explain. I just read her latest blog at and it’s all about how seriously we are advised to take the 12th House.

Maria says the 12th house is one of both love and sorrow, but if you can let go and feel your way through it, it can lead to healing.

I recommend you read her blog and look up your chart to see if you have any planets in the 12th House. If so, it sounds like you have some mental healing to do!

Read “Cleaning Out Your 12th House Closet” at »


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