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Full Moon in Leo HoroscopesCalling all drama queens! There’s a Full Moon in Leo tomorrow (Saturday, Jan. 26), and it’s just your style.

A Full Moon in this dramatic, glamorous and attention-getting sign always means SOMETHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

I’m not sure what will happen, exactly, but this Full Moon is all about creativity and expressing yourself, so I’m guessing people might take that feeling and run with it. In other words, expect dramatic gestures this weekend!

It makes me think of John Cusack in “Say Anything,” standing outside Ione Skye’s window blaring “In Your Eyes” on his boombox to get her attention. Hey, how come no one ever stands outside my window proclaiming their love? What gives?

Maybe it will happen this weekend! And no worries either way, because now I’ve got a an urge to dig out my old Peter Gabriel cassette and I’m pretty sure it will take me the whole weekend to find it.

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