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Chinese Astrology at Tarot.comChinese New Year is based on the lunar cycle, so the dates are always a little different. This year (2013), Chinese New Year begins on February 10, the same day of the New Moon in Aquarius, and it will end on February 25, the day of the Full Moon in Virgo.

I love Chinese New Year, personally, because it’s basically two full weeks of food and festivity, two of my favorite things.

I love reading about my Chinese Animal sign (the Pig) and finding out which animals represent my friends; I love that the traditions are all about attracting good luck; and more than anything I love to scarf spring rolls, which are always served during this time because they represent wealth. See? I really am a Pig!

This year is going to be the Year of the Black Water Snake in Chinese Astrology, and big changes always happen during Snake years. I should point out how that prediction aligns with the way our own Western Astrologers are expecting major changes this year.

It’s also predicted to be a year of secrets — things going on behind the scenes, like secret negotiations and clandestine affairs. Oh dear, it sounds like we’ll be hearing of more than a few sex scandals on the news. Eep!

Check out the Chinese Astrology hub at to find out more about the Year of the Black Water Snake and to look up your own Chinese Animal sign. They also have the Chinese New Year 2013 Horoscopes posted so you can find out what to expect in your own life.

As for me, this Pig is going out for Chinese dumplings. Oink.

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