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Jupiter DirectWe’re all getting lucky this week, thanks to jolly Jupiter moving direct in Gemini on Wednesday, Jan. 30. As a Gemini, I’m especially excited about this — I believe it will give me just the lucky boost I need. Lookout lottery, here I come!

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, and it’s been retrograde since early October, so if you’ve felt stuck since then, well, you’re about to get un-stuck!

Jupiter Direct is a very potent time for starting new things and having them turn out successfully — so if I were you I’d schedule all my job interviews and first dates for this week!

If there are things you’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t felt able to start, this energy will help you gain some traction. Think big, this is no time to hold back!

There’s just one caveat, which is the Sun’s square to Saturn on the same day. This square could create some restrictions from an authority figure, but if someone tries to hold you back from something you want to do this week, don’t let them! Proceed, but perhaps with a little caution.

Just tell ’em Jupiter’s Direct in Gemini, get outta my way! That’s what I’m going to say when I cut to the front of the lotto line.

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