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Real Life with Capricorn by Maria DeSimone at Tarot.comIt’s Capricorn season, and I’m totally in my element. I’m a Gemini, but I have a Capricorn Moon and so I relate very well to this serious sign.

I’ve always felt that my Capricorn Moon balances out my personality. It centers my scatterbrained Gemini Sun, and it brings my fiery Leo Rising back down to Earth. It makes my work ethic strong and it gives me an honorable sense of right and wrong. And let me tell you, I’m not easily pushed around! For these reasons I’ve always felt I understand Capricorn well.

I just read Astrologer Maria DeSimone’s blog about “Real Life with Capricorn,” and it turns out she’s not as fortunate as me to have such an intimate knowledge of Capricorn.

Maria talks about an Astrology teacher she had who embodied the Capricorn gifts of strength, integrity and knowledge, and I feel kind of bad for her that she has just one close relationship with a Capricorn.

This is because I have so many, and they are my all-time favorite people. I’ve attracted many Capricorn friends and lovers, and my sister — who is my absolute favorite person ever — is also a Cap. All of these people are loving, loyal, intelligent, honorable and absolutely reliable. They’re also hilarious, which is true in spite of the fact Capricorns aren’t typically called out for being funny.

Of course, I’ve had a couple of relationships with Capricorn men that didn’t work out, but that’s because they could be a little too controlling at times — which never sits well with a Gemini. That said, I’m still friends with those men, and I’m sure they’d still be there for me if I ever needed to phone in a favor.

This loyalty is just the Capricorn way. And sure, they can be bossy sometimes, or perhaps seem too reserved. Sometimes they have such serious expressions on their faces that they look downright unhappy. But I get it because I have that same serious look on my own face often enough. Capricorns are serious because they care so much.

And that’s just fine with me. I want the people in my life to care that much.

My boyfriend is a Capricorn Rising, and I see so many wonderful Capricorn qualities in him — and thankfully none of the controlling bits. He also is a Gemini with a great sense of humor and a happy-go-lucky persona, but beneath that he’s a strong, capable and dedicated person who takes life very seriously.

I squealed with delight the first time I ran my boyfriend’s Astrology birth chart and saw the Capricorn Rising. I knew we were a compatible match, as I am with most Capricorns I meet. So cheers to you, Capricorn, and thanks for all you do!

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