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Feng Shui tips for New Year at Tarot.comI am sooooooo ready for a fresh start! I always feel this way at the beginning of a new year, especially when my home is so messy and my bank account is so empty from all the holiday celebrations. So I’ve been thinking about ways to get reorganized and feel more on top of things. But the thing is, I’m impatient.

I want to make change happen, but I hate waiting to see results. And that’s where the beauty of Feng Shui comes in.

Unlike many things, Feng Shui gets instant results. You know what I mean? Like, if you want to lose weight, it takes weeks and months. But if you want to feel energized through Feng Shui, it can be done in half an hour just by moving your couch.

Feng Shui is all about attracting positive energy by altering your immediate environment, and there are different small steps you can take depending on what you’re hoping to attract — be it a new love, a new job, money, happiness, health, whathaveyou.

For example, if you clean your house as the new year begins, it will wash away the old, negative energy and start the new year on a clean note. If you fill your sugar bowl to the brim, it will ensure sweet months ahead. And if you put 27 one-dollar bills in your wallet, it will make your wallet fat and encourage a prosperous new year.

These are just a few of the little things you can do that make Feng Shui so much fun, and such a positive way to start the new year. Good luck setting up 2013 to be the best year yet!

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