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Meet Your Moon SignI found myself singing in the shower for no reason today. I’m not one of those people who does that … ever! For shame! My singing voice is like gravel in a bucket. Then I realized there IS a reason: The Moon is in Pisces.

As a Gemini with a Capricorn Moon, I’m a pretty logical person — which means the Pisces Moon is kind of my enemy. Ok, not really, but it does make me lose touch with reality and do crazy, fantastical things I would not ordinarily do. Like … sing.

The Pisces Moon blurs the line between fact and fiction, which goes against the control-freak nature of my own Capricorn Moon. People are more prone to daydreaming and spacing out while attempting to do math problems now. But this is great news for creativity!

Art, music and poetry are all favored while the Moon is in Pisces. And I’ll tell you what — just because I can’t sing doesn’t mean I’m not a highly creative person. You should see how I excel at Photoshopping my head onto pictures of Katy Perry or turning a couple of ballpoint pens and the surface of my desk into a drum machine.

I’m planning to indulge my imagination a little bit now, but I am also going to be extra diligent about my real-life responsibilities. Because the thing with a Pisces Moon is that you can daydream yourself into trouble without even realizing it.

So go ahead and take a time out from the harshness of reality today. Let yourself soar — and maybe even sing if your voice is better than mine. But try to keep at least one toe on the ground so your world will be in order when the Moon charges into Aries tomorrow morning.

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