Cosmic Candor

New Moon in Sagittarius HoroscopesI’m not quite sure how the major cosmic events of the next few days will shake out, but I do know one thing: It’s time to throw a party!

Tomorrow’s New Moon in Sagittarius on December 13, 2012 is a time of celebration, and a time when most of us will be thinking positive about the future. Of course, later the same day rebel planet Uranus is expected to shock us somehow. But maybe — just maybe — the surprises we’ll receive will be happy ones.

I’m thinking that maybe these two cosmic events will break down like this: Thursday will be excellent, with a lot of upbeat energy surrounding the New Moon. Then, later in the day Uranus will push forward and create a shift that makes Friday more unsettling.

Hopefully the shocks and surprises Uranus dishes out won’t be too rattling, but it’s possible. So I’m going to take the advice of the astrologers and celebrate tomorrow’s New Moon so I’ll at least be in high spirits by the time Friday arrives.

It’s always easier to roll with the punches when you’re in a good mood, right?

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