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Venus in Sagittarius at Tarot.comThere’s a pretty sweet love transit happening this weekend and I can’t wait to tell you about it, so I’ll tell you now! Love planet Venus is moving into sassy Sagittarius on Saturday, Dec. 15 and it’s going to make our love lives a whole lot more interesting for a while — even for those of you who don’t currently have a love life, per se.

In fact, if you’re single this transit may change that very fast! Sagittarius is the most optimistic and adventurous zodiac sign, which are two characteristics I love when it comes to love. I mean, if you’re feeling happy and put yourself out there, how can you not have a great date or stumble upon a new romance?!

Venus rules love and beauty, so we’re likely to take more risks in those areas now. You’ll be daring enough to wear or say something attention getting, and more comfortable talking to new people about a wide variety of topics. Um, I think that’s called “flirting.”

The only downside to this whole transit is that we may push things too far in love and beauty and act recklessly. We could upset our partners by not giving them enough attention — or paying too much attention to that cute waiter. Or we could impulsively dye our hair the wrong color and come out looking like Snooky.

But hey — if a bad hairdo is the worst thing to happen while Venus is in Sagittarius, I’m still in. I’m going to talk my boyfriend into doing something adventurous this weekend, and maybe I’ll put together a mixer of his single friends and my single friends while the mixing is sooooooo good!

What are YOU going to do?!

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