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I’m not sure if “wild” is good or bad when it comes to love. I mean, sometimes wild can be exciting, but sometimes it’s nice to just share a moment of calm with your partner as a safe harbor from the stormy sea of life.

That said, this weekend’s love horoscope predicts a wild ride, so we’d best prepare. And by “prepare” I don’t mean we should stock up on handcuffs and whipped cream. (But you can if you want to.)

No, to prepare I recommend reading the Weekend Love Horoscope, which can prevent relationship freakouts and meltdowns because you’ll know what to expect and how to handle it.

For example, this weekend the Moon is in social and balanced Libra, which isn’t very wild at all. But there’s a lunar opposition to Uranus on Friday night that points to unexpected emotional trouble.

Basically, it’s setting up that we could start the evening on a mellow note having fun with our friends or lovers, and then all of a sudden we may get a shocking surprise in the middle of dinner.

It could be anything from a jealous fit to an admission of guilt, but either way just knowing to expect SOMETHING emotionally unsettling  is half the battle. This way you can plan ahead to not overreact, and if something comes up it’ll be easier to pause before responding.

I’m a pretty reactionary person when I’m caught off guard, but knowing this I aim to be a cool customer on my Friday night date. (Er, wish me luck with that.) And once we get past that, the rest of the weekend is looking pretty sexy, Scorpio-Moon-style. Maybe we should stock up on whipped cream after all!

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