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2012 Astrology Year in Review at Tarot.comWith just a few weeks left in 2012, I’m looking back on all that has happened this year — both personally and globally — and I’m curious about the part Astrology played.

This was a tumultuous year for many, especially recently, and many people have spent the better part of this entire year feeling anxious. There are so many reasons for this — politics and the economy, to name two biggies — but it wasn’t all bad.

There were many bright spots in 2012, too, and I think it’s important to stay positive and upbeat as we head into 2013, which will undoubtedly bring more big changes.

I, for one, had a pretty adventurous 2012. I am lucky to have love in my life, and I managed to take advantage of many fun adventures that helped calm my otherwise jangled nerves. So yes, I too felt plenty of anxiety over world events, but I was able to create a balance that worked.

I think a lot of other people felt “off” this year in part because of the Sun, which is reaching its Solar Maximum (that’s the peak of an 11-year cycle) and the higher than usual number of solar flares is changing our vibrations and making us jittery.

But that’s just one factor that influenced us this year, and there are many more cosmic events that changed the tone of 2012.

We had the first two exact Uranus-Pluto squares in a series of seven (two more will take place in 2013); there was a turbo-charged New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini; Venus made a visible conjunction with the Sun; there was an especially powerful Full Moon in Taurus at the time of Hurricane Sandy; and Mercury Retrograde wreaked havoc on Election Day right on through Thanksgiving.

It was truly an action-packed year, and you can read more about how each of these events affected people personally and globally in this recap article at Check it out and see if these dates match up with the most significant things that happened in your own life in 2012 — it’s fascinating!

See all the key Astrology events of 2012 at »

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