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Uranus Direct at Tarot.comUranus is the rebel planet of shocks and surprises, and it’s been retrograde for the past five months. So when it starts moving direct again this week, we should brace ourselves for change.

Uranus goes direct on Thursday, Dec. 13, and the astrologers say that all those desires we’ve kept buried for almost half a year are likely to erupt now.

So, yes, change is coming, and that’s often scary. But guess what — you still have some control because YOU are the one who’s going to be making many of those changes.

Think about it: What have you been putting off for the last five months? Have you been unsatisfied with your job, your relationship or your living situation? Don’t be surprised if now’s the time you make a move in one of those key areas.

Uranus Direct wants to shake us up out of our same-old, same-old humdrum routines, on both a personal and a global level. So not only will you be making personal changes, but big things will be happening in the world around us.

Political uprisings, economic news, wild weather and maybe even natural disasters are more likely now, so prepare yourselves, people.

And don’t forget, these transformational times are truly about pushing us forward to better things, so try to embrace change rather than fear it!

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