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Read the 2013 Horoscopes at Tarot.comEveryone’s talking about 2012 — especially as the epic date of December 21, 2012 grows near. But I’m moving on with my life. The world’s not going to end and frankly I’m getting a little weary of the pointless speculation about it. Personally, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in 2013.

The master astrologers I work with (Rick Levine, Jeff Jawer and Maria DeSimone) talk a lot about how we are living in transformational times, and that theme continues with the newly released 2013 Horoscopes for life, love and career.

The general horoscopes, which give a yearly overview that includes everyone of every sign, continue to reference the series of Uranus-Pluto squares taking place between 2012-2015 — and two of those happen in 2013 (May 20 and November 1).

That series of squares will shape much of 2013 as a year of continuing change, and there are other planetary transits that reinforce that theme of pushing us to our limits to move us forward to ultimately better things. In other words, it’s going to be a challenging year — but not all bad.

To me, the best news about 2013 is that lucky planet Jupiter is in breezy Gemini (my own sign) until June 25, which will create a lot of positive opportunities for everyone in the first half of the year.

Read each horoscope for your own sign to get specific dates and predictions so you can make the most of the New Year. Yes, change is the name of the game, but if you prepare yourself it’s a game you can win!

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