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Astrology of 2012 at Tarot.comWell, tomorrow’s the big day. I’ve been hearing speculation about December 21, 2012 being the “end of the world” since I visited the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico nearly 15 years ago.

Back then, I remember joking about how fun it would be to visit the ruins on that day, when a huge party would no doubt break out at the site.

Now, I have a different opinion. I still think it’s kind of entertaining that so many people are buying into this hype, but it’s also kind of sad.

There is no scientific information to back up the idea that the world will end. It’s simply the end of a cycle of the Mayan calendar, and life will go on as we know it.

Of course, we are living in transformational times and Astrology points to a great deal of change in the coming years, but it’s certainly not “the end of the world.” In fact, it’s just the beginning of some amazing awakenings that will eventually lead to more peace on Earth.

What I find sad is that there are people out there who are truly worried and panicked about December 21, 2012, and I am experiencing my own fears about what those people may do if they truly think it’s their last day on Earth.

I heard that the mother of the Sandy Hook school shooter in Connecticut was a survivalist, stockpiling supplies and weapons in preparation for the worst. According to a few news stories, her son raided her gun collection and used those weapons to take so many young, precious lives.

I can’t image what must have been going on in that young man’s mind, but I’m sure his mother’s paranoid attitude had a negative effect. It breaks my heart, and I truly hope others will do their research and not participate in this harmful “end of the world” hype.

It’s important that we support each other, teach each other, love each other and embrace the coming changes without overreacting in ways that do so much damage to the heart and soul of mankind.

Every one of us can help, so study up, get the facts and arm yourself with truth. Do your best to calm any anxiety you encounter around this infamous date — that’s what I’m going to do, and that’s what I’m asking of you. Peace.

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