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Learn more about Mercury in Scorpio at Tarot.comOh great. Mercury moves back into Scorpio today, adding more fuel to the flames of paranoia already burning hot from Mercury Retrograde. Or wait, maybe that’s just my cheeks that are burning with rage.

Mercury, planet of communication, becomes very serious while in Scorpio. And it also makes us extremely emotional — it’s a time when our suspicions get out of hand, we ask a lot of questions and tempers flare. Miscommunication = temper tantrums.

For example, I just asked my boyfriend a simple question, which he misunderstood and so he got annoyed and he growled at me. I got angry that he was so quick to bark, so I barked back. It’s a silly fight, and I expect it to blow over, but at the moment I’m writing this my cheeks are hot and I’m peeved.

I should add that we are both Geminis, a sign that is ruled by Mercury, so I’m sure it’s affecting both of us more than some. I should also add that I am right and he is wrong, so THERE.

Obviously I am being less than reasonable right now, but that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Mercury in Scorpio is dangerous, especially to people with any unanswered questions about their relationship hanging in the air.

So what am I going to do about it? Nothing. With a transit this volatile, I know all too well that the best thing to do is to let the situation simmer down before I say something that will make it worse. Which pretty  much means keeping my mouth shut for a few days — or, er, weeks.

Good luck out there, people. And especially to you Geminis and Virgos who are most in need of some Mercury mercy.

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