Cosmic Candor

People are going to be unhappy today.  It’s impossible to avoid, with frustration from Mercury Retrograde and many people upset with the results of the U.S. Presidential Election.

Of course, there are some people who are going to be thrilled today. But if you aren’t, there is one way to put a positive spin on things this morning, as Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer points out that Saturn trine Neptune offers a silver lining of spiritual support in some shaky times.

Jeff has written much about the transformational times we are living in, with emphasis on the series of Uranus-Pluto squares taking place between 2012 and 2015. We are reminded that this is a painful growth process, but it will eventually lead to breakthroughs.


But in the meantime, we can think positive and give thanks for the bit of relief we’re getting from three favorable alignments with Saturn and Neptune. Jeff says the two planets began a series of 120-degree trines last month that will recur in June and July of 2013, and they will help us get through the darkest of times.

Saturn trine Neptune will help us avoid panicking or going to extremes, and it will give us more inner peace that we can use to promote harmony all around.

Jeff wrote a great blog about Saturn trine Neptune for Check it out for a more in-depth look at what’s ahead. And remember, no matter how you’re feeling today it’s so important to be kind and understanding with others, ’cause we’re all in this together no matter who we choose to lead.

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