Cosmic Candor

Here we go! I can feel it already. Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius tomorrow, which as we all know is Election Day in the U.S.

I voted early so my ballot wouldn’t get lost in the mail, but I sure hope there aren’t any mistakes made when it comes to tallying up the votes! I bet it’s going to be a looooooong day tomorrow.

Mercury will continue spinning backward until November 26, which means things could also go wonky during Thanksgiving.

By the way, with MRx on both Election Day and Thanksgiving, I keep picturing a turkey in a voting booth that gets taken out by a speeding ball of Mercury — did I mention I have a lively imagination thanks to being  Gemini?

Anyhow, misunderstandings that lead to arguments are pretty common during MRx, so I’m also going to be careful of things I say while spending the holiday with my boyfriend’s family.

I can just imagine myself saying something I think is hilarious that is taken completely wrong and ruining our first Thanksgiving together. Eeeeep! I’m considering myself warned.

Mercury finishes its retrograde stint in Scorpio, so communication will not only be confusing, but intense, so I’m definitely going to stay on my toes the next three weeks or so.

If you want more tips on how to avoid falling prey to Mercury’s mischief, check out for articles on how to deal with life, love and career during Mercury Retrograde. Good luck!

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