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Read your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope at Tarot.comIt’s Election Day in the U.S., and fortunately I voted early so I won’t be dealing with the massive miscommunication taking place at polling stations thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

I just heard that some people in Ohio and Florida are waiting in lines more than seven hours at some polling stations, and I’m pretty sure Mercury must have something to do with it.

Mercury Retrograde affects travel, technology and communication, all of which are important when it comes to getting out the vote. So I would just like to urge those of you who still need to get out to the polls or who are planning to e-mail your votes to plan carefully.

This means making sure you type the right e-mail address when sending your ballot online; marking your ballots carefully so the machines can read the results; and sticking a Power Bar in your pocket in case you get stuck waiting in a long line.

It also means simply trying to be more patient. Frustration is more apt to lead to misunderstandings and arguments, which we don’t want to see in those long lines.

It’s going to be a long day and a few more weeks of craziness! Good luck!

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