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Prepare for Mercury Retrograde at Tarot.comAs if things like presidential elections and the holidays aren’t already hectic enough, get ready for this: Mercury goes retrograde on Election Day, and it spins backward right on through Thanksgiving.

Mercury Retrograde always messes with travel, communication and technology for everyone, but it seems like it always gets to me more than some people. I guess that’s because I’m a Gemini and Mercury is my ruling planet.

So when Mercury goes retrograde from Tuesday, Nov. 6 to Monday, Nov. 26, I expect some things to go wrong — but that’s ok, because I think knowing and preparing for it is half the battle.

I’m going to vote early — that way I think there’s less of a chance for my ballot to get lost in the mail. And I would urge you do to the same.

Also, I’ll be traveling down to Southern Oregon for Thanksgiving, so I’m going to make sure we get the van checked out before we make the long road trip.

Another thing to watch for during Mercury Retrograde is some romantic confusion, and maybe even old lovers creeping back into your life. I sure don’t need either of those things, but I’m ready if it happens! C’mon Mercury, bring it!

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