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Numerology Lucky Numbers report from Tarot.comCan Numerology help you win the lottery? Well, I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’m writing this blog on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 28, in the midst of the Powerball media frenzy! Tonight’s jackpot is up to something like half a billion dollars, and while I don’t usually play the lottery, today I’m thinking … why not?

But when it comes to choosing numbers, I get all discombobulated and overwhelmed. Is there any science to this? Can you study the past winning or losing numbers and work out a formula to win? There are plenty of articles and some scammers on the Internet that would tell you there is, and more that will tell you it’s just a random crap shoot.

And because I work with Master Numerologist Hans Decoz, I also can’t help but wonder if there’s a way to apply the science of Numerology to picking my lottery numbers. I’m sure he would say that simply using your own personal lucky numbers, which are based on your name and your date of birth, would enhance your odds of winning. At the very least it sure can’t hurt.

So, that said, I’m running Hans Decoz’s Lucky Numbers Advisor report right now and I’m going to use it to pick my Powerball numbers. I can’t tell you what they are, of course, but if I win the big one … well, Hans will be the first person I thank.

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