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Learn about Mars in Capricorn at Tarot.comCalling all control freaks! (Hey, that’s me!) Well, OK, to be fair I don’t think I try to control other people, but I definitely keep pretty tight control of myself and my personal boundaries. Which is why I don’t think I’ll mind when Mars moves into Capricorn on Friday, Nov. 16.

Mars is the planet of action, and Capricorn is the serious worker-bee sign, so when the two come together people tend to do more work than play.

It’s not a very fun transit, but it’s great for getting things done — and I think it will also help cool down some of the intense energy we’ve been dealing with lately, thanks to both the Sun and Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio — among other cosmic events.

Capricorn is practical and down to earth, and far less prone to emotional outbursts, which my life could sure use right now. I’ve been feeling on edge, and I think this transit will help me disengage from some mental turmoil, put my nose to the grindstone and work my way through it.

Mars will stay in Capricorn all the way up until New Year’s Eve, when it moves into friendly, social Aquarius just in time to ring in 2013 on a more lighthearted note. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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