Cosmic Candor

Mars conjunct PlutoWell, we made it through Mercury Retrograde — or at least most of us did. But the past few weeks have been intense, and now I’m watching another powerful cosmic situation taking shape.

Action planet Mars moved into Capricorn on November 16, which heightens focus, concentration and discipline. I like to joke that it’s the transit control freaks love best. And now Mars is making a powerful conjunction with Pluto on November 27 that will make this energy even stronger.

Basically, we need to watch out for angry bursts of energy and the overbearing urge to take over the people and situations around us. Ego conflicts and power struggles are likely, so it’s best to just buckle down and do some solo work in the next day or so.

The astrologers I work with say it’s also wise to avoid putting yourself in dangerous situations now — i.e., don’t going walking alone at night in a sketchy neighborhood in the midst of potentially violent cosmic energy.

In other words, don’t tempt fate. Jeff Jawer’s latest blog is about this Mars conjunction with Pluto, and it explains how all this violence is really just based on fear. Check it out and remember to combat any fear you face in coming days with love and understanding!

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