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Read about Venus in Libra at Tarot.comEven as the Sun moves through dark, mysterious Scorpio and we get set to celebrate the most fantastic and creeptastic Halloween holiday … well, I know there’s actually a very peaceful and loving planetary transit in the works.

Love planet Venus, which rules partnerships, art and beauty, is moving into balanced Libra on October 28. This transit promotes harmony and pleasure, and it also makes us appreciate the beauty in life — whether that is nature or a new hairdo. (I always like to joke that Venus in the planet of hair, but in fact it’s true!)

Hmmmmmm … I wonder if this means we’ll see more pretty and less horrific Halloween costumes this year? Perhaps more people will want to dress up as lovely, peaceful characters than scary ghouls? Let’s make a note of what we see and report back!

Libra is Venus’ home sign, so relationships of all kinds are also more easy and comfortable during this time. It’s all about spending time with your partner and good friends, as this breezy Air sign inspires people to feel friendly and social and eager to make each other happy.

I’m personally happy this transit is taking place right before my favorite holiday, so a fun Halloween will be had by all! (Not to mention it will be way easier to get that complicated Bride of Frankenstein hairdo right!)

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