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I’ve had earthquakes on the brain for the past few months, ever since Uranus and Pluto began squaring off. And today, many parts of the U.S. and other countries also have earthquakes on the brain.

That’s because today is the Great ShakeOut earthquake awareness movement, which encourages people and organizations to hold practice earthquake drills in unison at 10:18 a.m.

I think this is a great idea, because with all currents of change in the cosmos, I can’t help but worry that we’re in for more than our fair share of quakes.

Remember, Uranus and Pluto are making an epic series of seven exact squares between now and 2015 that astrologers say will transform the world as we know it.

We’ve had two of these exact squares so far, in June and September, and the next one isn’t until May of 2013. But in the meantime Uranus, planet of surprises, and Pluto, planet of transformation, remain in a less-than-exact square that’s sure to keep the changes coming.

And as we always say in Astrology circles, you can get through almost anything if you’re prepared. That’s why I always read my horoscope, and it’s why I’m happy to join in on today’s Great ShakeOut!

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