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Read about the Sun in Scorpio at Tarot.comThe Sun moves into Scorpio today, where it will stay from October 22 to November 21, and I’m pretty sure things are going to get more intense as we all take on the Scorpion’s edgy energy.

Scorpio has a serious dark side — it’s a secretive sign that’s all about probing and passion and jealousy and trying to figure out the truth about life’s mysteries. It’s also a deeply loving sign, but those feelings often remain buried beneath Scorpio’s mysterious demeanor.

Truth be told, Scorpio drives me nuts. I’m a very open person, and I think I prefer people who are equally open. Yet I must be drawn to Scorpio, because all three of my most serious relationships and a handful of others have been with men whose birth charts are loaded with Scorpio energy.

My ex-husband was a Capricorn with a Scorpio Moon, which made him not only bossy, but I always felt like he was keeping secrets from me. In the long run, I couldn’t handle it.

My current boyfriend also has a Scorpio Moon, but he’s a chatty and hilarious Gemini, so it has a very different effect on his personality. He is mostly just emotionally guarded, keeping his thoughts and feelings very private, which is typical of Scorpio. OK, and yes, it drives me nuts. But at the same time I know Scorpios, including him, have very strong feelings they simply must bury deep inside so they won’t erupt in fits of passion or jealousy.

Any way you look at it, it’s intense.

I think I’m drawn to this Water sign because I have very little Water in my own birth chart, and also because a man of mystery is a compelling thing — even when they are making you crazy. Right?

As we move forward into Scorpio season now, which includes Halloween, All Saints Day and Day of the Dead, I expect we’ll all become a little bit more mysterious and intense.

And with all this Scorpio energy in the air and up for grabs, now it’s MY turn to do some probing — heck, maybe I’ll finally find out what my guy is actually thinking! 🙂

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