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Yesterday I talked about how the Sun’s entry into Scorpio is going to intensify things, but what I didn’t realize is that the Sun is also on its way to a significant conjunction with Saturn this Thursday, October 25.

I just read Astrologer Jeff Jawer’s blog about this aspect, and it’s more hardcore than I knew. Yes, Scorpio is about diving into the depths of our emotions and trying to figure out our life’s purpose. But this week’s Sun-Saturn conjunction ups the ante and is going to serve us some real challenges.

This is the Sun’s first major aspect to Saturn since the ringed planet entered Scorpio on October 5. And not only that, but we haven’t had a Sun in Scorpio transit like this in almost 30 years because Saturn — planet of karma — also just returned to Scorpio.

Jeff Jawer says we’re at a turning point. It’s time to focus on the obstacles we face and deal with them. It’s time to make real decisions about what we’re doing with our lives, jobs and relationships, and ask ourselves if we’re going to continue on our current path or finally make some changes — and maybe even cut some people and things loose.

Of course, I ask myself these kinds of questions every day because I’m a heady, over-thinking Gemini, but I found one thing Jeff said particularly interesting. And that is that we may make some of these important decisions on an unconscious level. In other words, we may operate more on emotion and instinct that rational thought now and do things that will change our lives.

That scares me a little bit. If you’ve ever found yourself doing something suddenly radical that changed your life, you’ll know what I mean. Things like getting up in the middle of a meeting at work and announcing you quit before you even realize what you’re doing, or telling someone you want to break up with them when you didn’t even know you did. (Except of course deep down you did know and have probably been thinking so subconsciously for a long time.)

So get ready, people, and keep on your toes. I have a feeling we’re all going to surprise ourselves in coming weeks!

Read Jeff Jawer’s blog about the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio »

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