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Read the October Horoscopes for life, love and career at Tarot.comHere comes Rocktober! I love this month — the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves, so much pumpkin pie and my favorite holiday, Halloween. And astrologically speaking, this is the month of the lovely Sun in Libra, when everyone just seems to get along better.

I love it.

But astrologically speaking, this October has a few challenges in store for us, too.

There’s Venus in Virgo, first of all — the love planet in the most practical and often critical sign. Then Saturn and Mercury move into deep, dark Scorpio, which is pretty intense. The Sun also moves into Scorpio later this month, so all-told October is going to be more about working through complex issues than lighthearted, footloose and fancy-free fun.

The most major aspect to watch this month is Saturn trine Neptune on October 10, when fantasy and reality align in a special way that almost anything is possible. So put that date in your calendar as a day to reach for the stars and maybe even touch one.

Get more predictions and key dates for every sign in October at As for me, I predict this Gemini will be eating more than her fair share of candy and pie all month.

Read the October Horoscopes for life, love and career at »

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