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Mercury in Sagittarius at Tarot.comYesterday, I talked about the friendly energy of love planet Venus moving into Libra on Sunday, and how it will give our friendships and partnerships a boost.

Well, here’s another one to add to the mix: Mercury, planet of communication, moves into freedom-loving Sagittarius on Monday, October 29, adding to the friendly and social cosmic energy — yet this transit is a bit more of a wild card.

See, our minds open while Mercury is in sunny Sagittarius. Our thoughts and words become more excitable and action oriented, which makes for a great time socializing at parties or taking charge in a meeting at work.

But at the same time, there’s a risky element of being too blunt or speaking before you think during this transit. And let me tell you, as a speedy Gemini who has this problem most of the time anyway, I’m a little bit worried I’m going to shoot my mouth off and offend someone soon.

Mercury will be in Sagittarius longer than usual this time, too, because Mercury Retrograde starts on November 6. At that time, Mercury will spin backward through Sagittarius and into Scorpio for a spell, then it goes direct on November 26 and re-enters Sagittarius a bit after, where it will stay until December 31.

So basically, the best advice is to have fun and enjoy the extra energy your communications will take on now, but also think twice before voicing your thoughts and opinions

I guess that means I’ll be biting my tongue from now until New Year’s Eve. Then watch out, cause I’ll be chatting up a storm as we enter 2013!

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