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Read about Venus in Virgo at Tarot.comWell, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this with the world or not, but I had a terrible fight with my boyfriend directly beneath the Full Moon in Aries on Saturday night. And, well, when horoscopes are THAT accurate I pretty much have to share with you, right?

This Full Moon was all about emotional drama and breakdowns and breakthroughs, and I studied up on it enough that I thought I could avoid all that. I mean, surely if you read your horoscope and prepare for such super-charged emotions, it can help temper them a bit, right?


I don’t really want to talk about it in detail. But I just have to say, we walked out of a bar at closing time, and I looked up at the Moon and said “Hey, baby, check it out — Full Moon in Aries!” And he said, “Wow.” Then we got in a cab and started howling at each other about 30 seconds later.

We were up for several more hours arguing and crying in “breakdown” mode before we reached a breakthrough point and were able to go to bed in peace. And now the cosmic dust has settled into a processing mode. We both have a lot to think about.

I hope we’ll be OK. It was a stupid fight, like most fights are, but it was triggered because there’s a larger relationship issue bubbling beneath the surface that we really need to work on. We started working on it Sunday — or at least talking about it. But it’s going to require more discussion and hopefully compromise to meet both of our needs.

The good news AND the bad news is that love planet Venus is moving into Virgo tomorrow, which brings out the critical side in love relationships — but also gives us the analytical skills and focus to work on the nuts ‘n bolts of relationships.

Venus in Virgo is here to help us make adjustments in partnerships that can put things on the right track, and let me tell you it’s happening just in time. Wish me luck!

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