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Read more about Jupiter Retrograde at Tarot.comTime to listen to our inner wisdom! Happy-go-lucky Jupiter is going retrograde tomorrow, and this urges us to slow down and listen to our inner voice.

But I’m worried my own inner voice is kind of a dunce, because lately when I try to listen to it I just come up with bad ideas and gibberish. Like, I hear what you’re saying, inner-me, but I kind of wish you’d just shut up.

Ok, but seriously, my intuition is usually pretty good. The problem I seem to have isn’t hearing it or understanding it, but following through on what it is advising me.

Jupiter Retrograde should help with that, so maybe it’s coming along just when I need it. See, when Jupiter spins backward from October 4 to January 30, 2013, acting on things isn’t as important as thinking them through.

This is pretty much a green light to just think and philosophize and look at your life from every angle without doing anything impulsive. It will help us tap into our intuition better, so we can reexamine where we’re heading — but we don’t have the pressure of getting there so fast.

I need that. Life has been so speedy lately. I’ve been feeling lost and lonely and confused and torn in a number of different directions, so while Jupiter Retrograde isn’t the most optimistic thing, it will at least give me an excuse to veg a little and figure things out.

So, even though I’m badmouthing my inner voice today, I sure can’t wait to see what it has to say tomorrow.

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