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See John Lennon's Astrology birth chart at Tarot.comI love Libras. They are easy, breezy Air signs, like myself (Gemini), and I count many as my dear friends and favorite people. I’m thinking about a lot of Libras lately, as we’re in the midst of the Libra birthday month, and today is the birthday of one of the best Libra examples of all time — John Lennon.

Lennon, who was simply one of the coolest cats ever, would have been 72-years-old today. And as tragic as his passing was, at least we can honestly say that his powerful message of peace lives on. If you tear up every time you hear the song “Imagine,” as I do, then I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Libra is known for peacemaking, in fact. Some key traits of this loving sign are balance, fairness and equality above all else — things Lennon fought for as a passive rebel.

Looking at his birth chart, I see that in addition to having his Sun in Libra, he also has his action planet Mars in Libra and his Rising sign in Aries. Mars is the warrior planet, and Aries is ruled by Mars, so this all makes perfect sense. Lennon was a fighter to his core, but what he was fighting for is peace.

The rest of John Lennon’s birth chart is pretty interesting, too. For example, he has communication planet Mercury in Scorpio — which made him a very deep thinker who was likely on a lifelong quest for truth. If only we’d been able to see and hear more of that journey!

Happy Birthday, John Lennon! Let’s send lots of love to one of our all-time favorite Libras today.

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