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Read about Saturn trine Neptune at Tarot.comWhat are your plans for today? I hope they’re amazing, because Saturn is making a pretty rare trine with Neptune that encourages us to take action and turn our dreams into reality.

My own dream is that Keanu Reeves will remember meeting me in Portland, Ore. in the early ’90s and call me up to ask for a date. I’m quite sure my boyfriend would understand, seeing as it is Keanu and all. Especially if the dude has been thinking about me all these years. Whoa.

But, anyway, I’m not quite sure that’s going to happen (lol), and I’m also pretty sure that’s not the kind of dream-come-true the astrologers are talking about. I think it’s more about the fact that this particular aspect combines Saturn’s practical power with Neptune’s visionary dreams, coming together in a perfect balance of the real and the ideal.

This isn’t a giddy trine — it’s more serious than that. It’s about coming to some kind of realization about all the things we’ve been learning in recent years, and finally finding ourselves ready to move forward with a plan.

The Moon is also in lively Leo today, which will help us take bold action to make things happen.

So then, are you ready? Let’s get out there and seize the most significant planetary aspect all month!

(p.s., Keanu, never you mind my boyfriend — just gimme a ring and we’ll work something out.)

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