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Celebrate Halloween at Tarot.comHappy Halloween! It’s my absolute favorite holiday, and I’ve been waiting for it all year. Not just because I love to dress up, but also because it’s the most spooktacular time of year when it’s OK to admit you believe in otherworldly things, like ghosts and Astrology and Tarot cards.

Of course, this year has been a little wacky with “Frankenstorm” making life miserable for so many people on the East Coast, and here in Oregon it’s raining buckets, too. But at least Hurricane Sandy is waning, and today’s horoscope is pretty good.

The Moon is moving into my home sign of Gemini  this afternoon, so we should all be in more of a playful mood to get dressed up for the Trick-or-Treating hour.

I’m going as Hello Kitty to impress my boyfriend’s daughter, which should be pretty hilarious. Then later, after she’s gone to bed on a sugar high, I’m going to light some candles and do a Halloween Tarot reading!

The veil to other dimensions is thinner now, so it should be easier to tap into that realm for insight. If you want more fun ideas on how to celebrate, visit the Halloween hub at for links to fun articles, games and free readings. BooooOOOOOOO!

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