Cosmic Candor

Learn more about Mars in Sagittarius at Tarot.comOf all the intense planetary transits taking place this week (Venus in Virgo, Jupiter Retrograde, Saturn in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio … ) this one’s my favorite: Mars moves into Sagittarius on Saturday,  and it’s a fiery combination that gives us a green light to make things happen.

Mars, of course, is the planet of action, and Sagittarius is the sign of adventure, so there’s no way this can’t bring some excitement into our lives for the next five weeks. (I know, I know, who needs more excitement, you ask. We all want calm. Well, sorry, that’s not in the stars).

This transit is all about taking risks and impulsive, almost aggressive, behavior, so the one word of caution is to maybe take a moment’s pause before you charge ahead into something. If you can, that is … but you might not be able to help yourself.

I’m heading to the beach this Saturday for an early fall camp out, where the weather on the Oregon coast is expected to be about 75 degrees. Maybe I’ll go ahead and charge into the ocean!

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