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Friendship Compatibility Meter at Tarot.comI just got an e-mail from a dear old friend of mine that was short and sweet. All it said was, “I’m into it!” and it made my day.

See, I had a bad fight with my best friend a few years ago. It was actually my fault — at first. I did something unintentionally stupid that made her extremely mad, and I apologized. She yelled at me and didn’t accept my apology, and after I apologized three more times and she continued yelling, well … at that point I got mad, too.

She is a fiery Leo, and that hot temper is pretty typical. And while I’m not a Leo, I do have a Leo Rising and that roaring Lion is a huge part of my own personality, too. Which means my temper may take a little bit longer to heat up, but it can definitely come to a raging boil if I’m pushed far enough.

You know what else is typical of Leo? Going ice cold and walking away — maybe forever — if you perceive you’ve been wronged. Which is what my best friend and I both did after that fight.

We didn’t speak for six months, until we bumped into each other at a mutual friend’s dinner party and said a polite-yet-still-mad “hi.” Then another six months went by and something terrible happened to me.

When the love of my life walked out on me abruptly and cruelly about a year after I lost my best friend, I broke down. And when word got back to my former best friend a few months after it happened, and she heard the pain I was in, she finally began to soften and come back around. Then so did I.

For the past two years we have each been making slow, awkward steps to repair a friendship that once meant so much to both of us. But we’re doing it like Leos, so it’s going to take a long time to get back to where we were — if we ever do.

We’ve gone for drinks a couple of times, and chatted politely at friend’s parties. But there’s still such a huge gap that wasn’t there before, and it always makes me sad because I miss her so much. Yet Leos have such pride (some think it’s arrogance, but it’s really pride) that it’s very difficult for some of us to ever forgive and forget — even when we want to.

But the good news is, I sent out an email the other day asking a group of friends if they wanted to sign up for a class with me, and she just wrote back “I’m into it!”

So maybe we’re slowly on our way back. And maybe if we didn’t each have so much Leo energy, it wouldn’t have taken this long.

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