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Learn about the Sun in Libra at Tarot.comFall arrives Saturday! I’m not sure I’m ready for it, as I’m still in barbecue and camping mode and the weather in Oregon is nice enough to continue doing both. But I am ready for the Sun to move from Libra to Virgo, which also happens on Saturday — and it can’t happen soon enough for me.

The past month under the Virgo Sun hasn’t been that great. People, including me, my friends and family, have been stressed out and working too much, and I can really feel that uptight Virgo energy all around me. So I’m ready to move into the more relaxed and loving Libra time.

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty, so our attention should become more focused on partnerships, relationships, arts and culture during this time. Heck, those are my favorite things, so I’m into it!

I’m planning to ease into fall — just because Saturday is Fall Equinox doesn’t mean I need to haul out my sweaters and boots quite yet.

But I’m not going to wait to dive into the energy of the Libra Sun full force, starting with a big party on Saturday that I know will kick off a more relaxed and social month ahead.

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