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Read your Full Moon in Aries Horoscopes at Tarot.comWell, no sooner did the Fall Love Horoscopes predict tension in relationships than I had a fight with my boyfriend. We rarely fight, but when we do it’s about the same thing: His inability to read my mind.

It wasn’t a big fight or anything, but it’s left me feeling a bit unsettled. And now we’re creeping up on the Full Moon in Aries this Saturday, which is going to give relationships another jolt.

This Full Moon is especially powerful because it’s making a conjunction with rebellious Uranus, which is also in Aries. It’s going to spike the atmosphere with strong emotions, surprises and drama, as well as personal breakdowns and/or breakthroughs.

After our fight this weekend, I guess I had a minor breakdown that actually did lead to a breakthrough. I went on a good little crying jag, wondering if I should continue a relationship with someone who doesn’t always meet my needs. Then I was reminded that sometimes you have to voice your needs out loud in order for them to be met. Right. My bad.

I’m going to work on better communicating my needs, and I’m happy that we were able to hop that bump in the road.

But it sounds like many of us will face similar struggles this weekend. The Full Moon in Aries will affect every sign a little differently, so be sure to read your horoscope to prepare. And remember to be flexible and open-minded to whatever happens!

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